Nuances of Research Methodology

If we look into any dissertation, may it be at post-graduation level or doctoral level, every one of those is based on the analysis of real-world data? However, it is very common to hear from the eminent researchers that scholar is collecting data in accordance with the methodology they have adopted. Most of the researchers try to complete their dissertation in the shortest possible period and in turn, fall in the trap. Due to the usage of methodologies, those are not in harmony with the research design, their dissertations lose significance in no time at all. In order to enhance the quality of the dissertation, the methodological analysis of the data has to be perfect in nature. In addition, that is the area, where researchers face a number of difficulties.

Broadly speaking, research methodology depends solely on the type of data used in the study, the types of variables used in the research model, and finally the objective of the research. Data, which are used in any research, are of two types. They can be either quantitative or qualitative in nature. For quantitative data, the basic tool is the regression analysis. All the higher tools like cointegration test, causality, data enveloping method are majorly based on this tool. For qualitative data, one of the basic tools is the factor analysis. It is mainly used, when the data is collected in terms of likert scaling. Another basic tool for qualitative data is coding. It is used, when the data is gathered in terms of interviews. Apart from data, the researcher must take care of the research model, while selecting the methodological tools. Research models can be unidirectional, bidirectional, or non-directional. The last one is the simplest model of all. Usage of basic statistical tools like mean, median, the mode can solve the purpose of the researcher. However, the first two models require a higher level of statistical tools. Lastly, the objective of the research is always context-driven. Therefore, the context must be parameterized at the construct level, so that it can be used as a mediator or moderator variable in the study.

A proper research methodology provides an initial impact in the minds of the reader about the rigour of the thesis. Hence, it is to be handled professionally. Across India, there are several organizations, which provide dissertation writing and consultancy services. If you are facing troubles in the research methodology for your dissertation and looking for a steady solution, you can go through the pages of

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