Embracing the technology: Top Tools to Adopt for a Successful Academic Career

In this digital era, industries and individuals are adopting the technology to improve productivity and stay sane and the academic sector is not excluded from this. 

Writing academic papers is essential for achieving the desired degree. However, penning down an academic paper can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Whether one is looking for end-to-end help with the development of an academic paper or minor assistance with the grammar & other English language elements, cutting-edge tools/software are available out there which can aid you through the process. 

Here, we will walk you through some of the popular tools for academic work resources, in short, termed as ‘tool kit’ for academicians. Because, as we are living in rigorous digital life many amazing tools and resources are at our fingertips. Here are a few top tools to adopt:


Stay organized, if you’ve got a lot on the plate and are drowning while penning down a paper. The best part is, Docear is free, open-source and available at larger platforms for deeds. Well, it might become your new partner, when it comes to organizing, discovering, and creating academic literature.

Docears three-part solution comprises a single-selection user-interface which lets you to sort out the various documentations and annotations of multiple indeed; “a literature suite concept” and “a recommender system” will connect users with new literature tailored to your specific area of research. This unique part of solutions for staying organized will help to manage workload.


We’re familiar with some kind of proverb, “Eat, Ride, Repeat…” Spell Check do follow the pattern while in the writing and editing process. Rather saying, Spell Check is merely an editing tool, also is a  teaching tool for the very best writers for the improvements, on how to deliver content or a message.

This instant and free spell in the correction of mistakes, it also summarizes them into categories. It also gives potent feedback not only on the dealt project but improves the writing and holds the grammar mistakes what’s at stake all the time.

Active Scholar:

Academic or research papers require a ton of data compiled from the articles, theis, books, journals and other sources. Active scholar, a complete system of research writing management, is designed purely for the academicians. Gathering the information and organizing, it is a job that unto itself. But with the research writing/writer, you can cut down the workload by 30 - 50% that allows you to quickly manage your research with ease.


Creating a bibliography is so annoying for too many researchers, that it is tedious & time consuming effort. But, regards to BibMe, one can easily reach the works cited pages. Choosing over the citation styles in APA, MLA, Chicago or whichever, you can add and download it for free. 

The service provided by BibMe is priceless for academics entangled by the intricacies of managing citations.


Interaction concepts are a great way to organise and share the information visually. With the Instagrok, one can easily customize their own interactive maps and can share them with each other as well. Highlighting the key notes, linking peculiar points to the original source of information, adding notes with the journals, and conveying the information through the interactive visual interface.


Writing a thesis/dissertation can be a bit like swamping a cat in the dark. MindMup is a terrific tool to collaborate, as it is open and free to access that helps to manage and organize your information in a visual format. It helps you to put together the vertical mind maps and the hierarchical structures, and also can share the creations with ease and collaborative live with your members/partners. One can access to anytype of information from anywhere as information will be stored in Cloud.

iA writer:

Hailed as “Simple and crisp” also clever, as iA writer shifts gears to focus on a writing-conductive environment. iA writer is elegantly developed in aiming as simple text editing while making the part of the writing process as enjoyable and effective. 

However, it doesn’t concern its features and frills. You can download it to mobile gestures.

Writing A-Z:

One of the largest creative and engaging online resources for students & teachers alike interlink. As for academicians, it highly allows them to improve their writing skills and creativity through various streams and workshops. Rather than aside, it provides teachers to assign different and appropriate levels of writing skills to students, create projects and publish them to other fellow students as well.


Just because to accompany the academic pursuits, you don't need to do it by yourself. These tools are here to help your research and dissertation writing process in academics, as you hold to take benefits and advantages being under - to get a better outcome of more positive and experience along the way.

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