Things to do: ‘ Create’ a Thesis that you would want to read

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8 Major Parts of Informed Consent for a Research Interview

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First (or Last?) step to success: Writing Your Dissertation Introduction

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A literature map of the research

One of the first tasks for a researcher working with a new topic is to organize the literature. As mentioned earlier, this organization enables a person to understand how the proposed study adds to, extends, or replicates research already completed. ..Read More

Embracing the technology: Top Tools to Adopt for a Successful Academic Career

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Dissertation Data Analysis - Guide to Statistics for Dissertation

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Dissertation Assistance, where and how to find them?

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Mistakes to Avoid While Writing Dissertation As Per APA

APA Publication Manual is the rule book of academic writing and formatting styles developed by the American Psychological Association (APA). APA Style is one of several highly-regarded writing styles and formats used for academic documents such as re ..Read More

How to Arrive at a Well-Structured Dissertation Proposal

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Correlated-Groups Designs: One-Way Repeated Measures ANOVA - PhD Statistics Help

Like between-subjects designs, correlated-groups designs may use more than two levels of an independent variable.You should remember from Chapter 9 that there are two types of correlated-groups designs: a within- subjects design and a matched-subject ..Read More